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    The objective of the Barber Program is to train students in the basic skills needed to meet the level of competence for the examination required by the State Board of Barbering. After a barber student passes the examination he/she receive a license and is available for employment in Alabama in this industry. A barber provides personal services to his/her clientele relating to good grooming.


     These services include: hair cutting, shampooing, and rinses, hair arranging (styling), hair coloring, chemical waving and relaxing, shaving, facials, scalp and hair treatments, and hairpieces.


     A barber must develop an attractive appearance, pleasant personality, and observe professional ethics. The knowledge and skills will prepare an individual for work in the business as a barber, hair colorist, salon owner, product demonstrator, or technician to a manufacturer.

Jarvis Collier is a graduate of McAdory High School and attended both Lawson State Community College and Miles College. Collier is the owner of Collier’s Barber and Style Institute and the founder of Collier's Barbering and Style. He is also a member of First Baptist Church of Old Jonesboro where he serves as a deacon. Collier is also a former Jefferson County Barber Commissioner. Jarvis Collier is serving as representative for the Bessemer City Council for District 1.


Jarvis Collier, Instructor

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